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Guides on FIFA 17 Early Access
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If you’re preparing for FIFA 17 Early Access, you will need this guides. Just to clarify, on Early Access we advise that you use the 10 hours to actually PLAY THE GAME. You can sit and trade on the Web App for hours on end. By the way, I want to tell you, buying fifa 17 coins from u4fifa.com, which is the best fifa 17 coins products supplier.

Purchase items in the EASFC Catalogue – Step 1

This is important! your XP and Football Club Credits carryover, meaning you will likely have plenty of bronze Football Club Credits to purchase items in the EASFC catalogue / store. If you don’t have many credits, start earning some right now in anticipation. In order of importance, the items you should purchase at the very start of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team include;

FUT Coin Reward Boosts – These will allow you to earn an extra 200 – 1000 coins PER GAME, depending on what XP level you are. This is vital during early access!
FUT Increased Transfer List Size – Increase your Transfer List from 30 to 100 slots. This allows you to up your volume of trading.
FUT Increased Transfer Targets Pile Size
Purchase Balls and Kits. EA Sports Football Club Catalogue items such as these have high discard values and can really help to further boost your FIFA 17 coin totals.

Collect Super Deluxe or Deluxe 15k Packs – Step 2

During FIFA 17 Ultimate Team early access you should be able to claim your first batch of 15k Jumbo Premium Gold packs! EA announced that pre-ordering the FIFA 17 Super Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Edition would result in either 2 or 1 15k packs per week, for 20 weeks. You’ll also get high rated loan players that will help you when playing matches. If you do receive the 15k packs, you should look to open them ASAP and liquidate (assuming we’re not nearing the official launch).

Play Matches – Step 3

While it may seem like your time is better spent trading, during early access you should focus on both (only play matches on the console and trade exclusively on the web app). It’s very important to familiarise yourself with the game while many other players don’t have the opportunity. Not only will you be earning potentially an extra 1,000 coins per game, but you’ll make your chances of winning a lot higher upon the official release. Firstly, you’ll be better at the game than most and secondly you’ll have a relatively decent team with hopefully a few investments ready to sell on the release date. Most players starting on the release date will just have their starter pack items…


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