16/07/16 08:15AM
More Detalis about Starting FIFA 17 Ultimate Team
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I have written some tips on starting FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, now I will give you more details about it. Wish to help you a lot, and you can buy fifa 17 coins at our site. Now, let's go!

Build a solid FIFA 17 squad builder

Use your...

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15/07/16 05:03AM
Tips of Starting FIFA 17 Ultimate Team
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If you’re planning on starting your FUT 17 journey then you’ll certainly be in excellent shape. For returning FUT 16 users, we strongly recommend you spend time optimising here. We’re going to simplify all of that advice into our top tips!

1. Start during Web App Webstart & EA / Origin Access

While not essential,...

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04/07/16 08:38AM
Guides on FIFA 17 Early Access
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If you’re preparing for FIFA 17 Early Access, you will need this guides. Just to clarify, on Early Access we advise that you use the 10 hours to actually PLAY THE GAME. You can sit and trade on the Web App for hours on end. By the way, I want to tell you, buying fifa 17 coins from u4fifa.com,...

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01/07/16 08:53AM
How to Increase Your Possibility to Get in FIFA 17 Beta Testing for FUT?
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The free FIFA 17 beta allows players aged 18+ to test the game before it’s released to the general public. I think every fifa fan wants to taste fifa 17 firstly, now you have chance. After your playing, you are required to offer feedback so EA can tweak the game and fix any last minute bugs. In this article we’ll offer tips on how to get invited to FIFA 17 beta testing, along...

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