13/07/16 08:15AM
FIFA 17: The Euro 2016 Talents Have to be Given a Higher Rating
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As usual, another international tournament has made us realise there's a larger footballing world out there full of talent that we underrated or hadn't even heard of. Obviously there are players we'd love to include from the Euro 2016 championships, but can't, like some of Icelandís semi-pro heroes, or Portugal's Renato Sanches Ė who doesn't have a FUT card, but will almost...

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22/06/16 08:54AM
Fans' Wishlist about FIFA 17 Ⅱ
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Authentic Managers:

I just love FIFA! There is no doubt it is an amazing game, but it requires a lot of improvisation on several parts and one of that part is managerís authenticity. Every year the game improved a lot, and for FIFA 17 fans would love to see actual managers in the game not those old bald men roaming here and there on the touchline...

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21/06/16 08:32AM
Fans' Wishlist about FIFA 17 Ⅰ
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Here we are listing some FIFA 17 features wishlist below which fans are expecting in the next version, if you find more can be added, please tell me at u4fifa.com. And you can find cheap fifa 17 coins here too. Letís move on to the FIFA 17 feature wish-list:


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