18/07/16 08:18AM
Women's Teams Will Still be Introduced in FIFA 17
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When the news dropped that FIFA 16 would include women's teams, a lot of players, men and women, were pretty psyched. Users could choose from over 12 national teams and could compete in either match day, an offline tournament, or online friendly seasons. Now it's been confirmed that FIFA 17 Women's National Teams will be featuring in the game! It appears that FIFA 17 will see...

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30/06/16 08:24AM
Which Items is Transferable in FIFA 17?
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FIFA 17 releases in late September and with this comes a lot of questions about which aspects of your FIFA Ultimate Team transfer over from FIFA 16. You can transfer from console to console, but you’ll only keep what’s linked to your Origin account (FCC and XP). You can transfer the other items listed below when doing so from the same console. If you want to ...

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28/06/16 10:29AM
FIFA 17: Marcus Interview
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Manchester United starlet Marcus Rashford's remarkable transformation from unknown to England striker has been a real-life sensation.

And with the announcement that FIFA 17 will feature ‘The Journey', a story mode involving young Alex Hunter, the parallels have been pretty clear to see. U4fifa.com is providing ...

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27/06/16 08:53AM
FIFA 17: My Full TOTS Squad
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I had a full TOTS squad that featured Benzema, Griezmann, Arfa, Godin, etc. Switched to two full NIF squads and the difference is night and day.

I'm convinced that not only was I missing out on the extra chem boosts, but because everyone was on 4chem, my overall team chemistry must have also been 44chem instead of the 100 chemistry that it displayed....

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20/06/16 08:38AM
New Century: Frostbite Come into FIFA 17
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FIFA 17 is being built within Electronic Arts' Frostbite engine, EA Sports announced, and the game launches Sept. 27 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Now you can buy fifa 17 coins at u4fifa.com with a low price and instant delivery


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