23/06/16 10:20AM
FIFA 17: Three Best Midfielders
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As important as it is to have a stout defence and a terrifying strike partnership, your midfielders will affect the game more than anyone else on the pitch. Whether itís protecting the back line, supporting the forwards, winning the ball or scoring goals themselves, the players in the middle of the pitch are crucial to every phase of the match and a top-quality midfield will...

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22/06/16 08:54AM
Fans' Wishlist about FIFA 17 Ⅱ
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Authentic Managers:

I just love FIFA! There is no doubt it is an amazing game, but it requires a lot of improvisation on several parts and one of that part is managerís authenticity. Every year the game improved a lot, and for FIFA 17 fans would love to see actual managers in the game not those old bald men roaming here and there on the touchline...

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21/06/16 08:32AM
Fans' Wishlist about FIFA 17 Ⅰ
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Here we are listing some FIFA 17 features wishlist below which fans are expecting in the next version, if you find more can be added, please tell me at u4fifa.com. And you can find cheap fifa 17 coins here too. Letís move on to the FIFA 17 feature wish-list:


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20/06/16 08:38AM
New Century: Frostbite Come into FIFA 17
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FIFA 17 is being built within Electronic Arts' Frostbite engine, EA Sports announced, and the game launches Sept. 27 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Now you can buy fifa 17 coins at u4fifa.com with a low price and instant delivery


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18/06/16 09:08AM
FIFA 17 Come to Us with A New Story Mode
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FIFA 17 already have a story mode according to various sources as EA Sports have placed a job listing for employees who would be needed to create Story Mode in FIFA 17. FIFA 17 Story mode is an amazing addition to the best sports video game series ever.

FIFA 17 has its very own story mode - something completely new to the long running...

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